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CAMPAIGN is a complete menswear collection that’s all about understated simple-smart luxury.

Born after a conversation between friends, CAMPAIGN is a casually tailored brand based on reworked staples infused with a hint of modern dandy. With only two years under its belt, the brand’s elegant standard and unconventional details have attracted a stronghold of loyal followers in the rapidly evolving landscape of newness that modern China has become.

Though its fabrics are mainly sourced from Japan, CAMPAIGN takes advantage of being based in China. The label maintains close and direct contact with their mills and production houses to ensure constant and meticulous attention throughout the garment creation process. Recent inclusion of accessories and footwear ensures CAMPAIGN covers all bases in meeting the modern-day (gentle) man’s ever-growing demand for quality goods.

Housed in a former Cultural Revolution era T-shirt factory, among the shikumen houses of Old Shanghai, CAMPAIGN presents a distinctly contemporary collection while occasional historic references add a subtle reminder of the brand’s origins.

Born in Beijing and raised in Sydney, Natasha Ivachoff (荪云), the creative soul behind CAMPAIGN, has been at the forefront of fashion for more than a decade. Celebrated for her cult-status Australian women’s-label pigsinspace, Ivachoff’s unblinking eye for quality and interesting fabrication has, through the years, cast its sight over design for many leading fashion brands.

In 2008, bringing her passion for tailoring, and an insight for finely tuned fashion, Ivachoff returned to her native Chinese homeland. And in December 2009, inspired by the collective energy of today’s China, the CAMPAIGN began.

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